How far can you get on the train for a tenner?

Not far at all, compared to the rest of Europe.

New research by the Lib Dems has found that £10 will get you on average 26 miles in Britain, compared to 80 miles in Sweden and a whopping 512 miles in Serbia.

Aha, the Department of Transport say: travelling on standard fares is more common in the rest of Europe than Britain. Probably because their standard fares are much more reasonable than ours.

So let’s give train operators the benefit of the doubt and look at cheaper off-peak tickets. Even then, £10 gets you only 56 miles – less than many European countries offer for anytime fares.

The full story from Shadow Transport Secretary, Norman Baker, is here.


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  1. Councillor Andrew Cornwell said

    Having endured travel on Serbia’s clapped-out railway last summer I am not sure this is the best comparison to make ! Otherwise a good point from Norman Baker (as usual). The problem in the UK is surely the flawed structure of the rail industry with layer on layer of companies all requiring a profitable ‘drink’ at the expense of both passengers and taxpayers.

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