Time for MPs to stand firm on Heathrow

Greenpeace are urging us to lobby the 57 (like Heinz varieties!) Labour MPs who’ve said they are against Heathrow expansion.

Why? Because the Government has given way and will, after all, let Parliament vote on the issue.

I’ve just emailed this letter to Islington South MP Emily Thornberry, who is one of the 57.

Dear Emily,

As you will know, there is a debate and vote next Wednesday on the government’s plans to expand Heathrow with a third runway and a sixth terminal.

You have already spoken out against Heathrow expansion, you & I shared a platform against the plans last year; now I urge you to stand by your words and vote with the Liberal Democrats, and against a third runway, on Wednesday. Your vote will reflect how serious you really are about tackling climate change.

With a third runway, Heathrow would become the single biggest source of carbon emissions in the UK . The third runway decision severely threatens the government’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 80 per cent by 2050.

It will worsen the already high pollution levels around the airport, and will provide little or no substantial economic benefit to Britain , as most of the extra passengers will be in transit. Sipson village will be destroyed for ever. Air traffic noise over many parts of London and the SouthEast, including Islington, will increase significantly.

With the challenges of climate change becoming more pressing, the government’s support for Heathrow expansion leaves its green credentials in tatters. The planning process alone is costing millions of pounds that could be much better spent as Britain faces recession.

I’m not alone in opposing Heathrow expansion and you won’t be either. Opposition to the new runway grows rapidly. Given the urgency of reducing our emissions and the challenge of realising it, voters from all parties will be watching closely how you vote next Wednesday.

The government’s response to tackling climate change is a critical issue, and one that will influence how many people vote in the next election.

Whatever our differences on other issues, I hope that your vote will be one for strong cross-party co-operation on the green agenda, and against the third runway.

Yours sincerely,

Bridget Fox

Watch this space for any reply!



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