The grass is always greener….

Percy and I have just been through what seems to be a new morning routine.

His meat bowl is empty, his biscuit bowl is not. He looks at me hungrily. I give him a new helping of meat. He then starts eating the biscuits.

My friend Turhan told me the other day that the Turkish equivalent of “the grass is always greener” is “my neighbour’s chicken tastes like duck”.

I sense Percy would approve.



  1. wahabsahito said

    Hi Bridget!

    I am from Sindh Pakistan and in our sindhi language is a proverb which transliterate into English as : The pasture remains always green but the tiller remains hungry.

    However in English is said that: the grass at the other side of river is greener, which means that the thing which is far away keeps more attraction. The nearer things loses its attraction and looks shabby.

    See you again

    Wahab Sahito

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