Return of the killer puffballs

Just been looking at the French Connection sale online, courtesy of Brandalley.

Culottes? Puff-ball skirts? Memories of 25 years ago!

I had a pair of dark green wool culottes, bought in France, which I took to uni with me. They lasted for ages, despite being more Prisunic than Printemps, and I loved them (brilliant for cycling). Not sure where they ended up, and not sure I’d wear them now.

And certainly no more puff-balls….

Most of the time I was a dull dresser. My student library card shows me looking moody in a beret. But I remember one summer outfit I was very proud of. At the time – now I’m just glad no photos survive.

My wardrobe included a lovely green print dirndl made by my Gran, which I made a bit more puff-bally by snagging the hem. Worn with a crop yellow jacket with white polka dots (nicked from one of Mum’s 60s suits), Woolworths pearls diagonally like a sash, and lace-trimmed ankle socks.

I topped it off with a green scarf tied in a giant bow round my head. Think Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. Desperate was certainly the word. I abandoned the scarf after one tutor kindly enquired if I was suffering from a head injury.

The French Connection versions are, as you would expect, sleek and contemporary. But I won’t be puffballing again.


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