More on those Angel road works

More information on those Angel road works in an update from Islington Council:

“We have taken up members’ and residents’ concerns with Transport for London (TfL). These essential works are under continual observation by the London Traffic Control Centre. The traffic camera can be viewed here. Regular updates of observed delays and congestion can also be found at this site.

“The delays that were experienced on Monday were due to the timings on the temporary traffic signals being incorrectly set. They have been adjusted and will be monitored. Delays on bus services are occurring but the local area office has a manager on site and he is adjusting/combining services to try to keep as normal a service as possible.

“Our Streetworks team are keeping in close contact with TfL and they will respond to any queries or incidents.

“Other Contacts

“The project office number for the works is 020 8938 8060, the engineer is Alec Knight.

“The TfL office monitoring the works is 020 3054 0981, email”

Thanks to Islington Council for the update.



  1. Fran said

    hello there……………………since we live half way up the Essex Road the combination of having to walk (I am 60 with a bad knee) to the tube plus the overwhelming traffic fumes has made me late for work all week, not to mention arriving exhausted! I realise these works have to be done but would like to know when the situation will end, and also to politely ask whether there is any possibility the work could progress overnight in order to shorten the timescale? It might cost more, but in the present climate any pressure on people trying to work, make deliveries or even get to interviews on time is not helping at all!

  2. bridgetfox said

    I absolutely agree!

    We’ve been told the works are for 4 weeks starting on 19 Jan: so that means another 3 weeks’ to go from next Monday.

    The utility company has a permit which limits how long and where they can work, so should keep them to time, but obviously they do have to finish the job before they can get out of the road.

    I would like to see TfL introducing a Lane Rental scheme: the companies would pay a daily fee for digging up the road, so they would be encouraged to finish even more quickly.

    I don’t know your work destination, but you might want to use Essex Road rail station to get to Highbury & Islington (for the Victoria Line) or Old Street (for the Northern line) instead, at least while the works are on.

    I have emailed your suggestion of nighttime working to and suggest you do the same!

  3. Bob said

    Thanks for the update…. I am taking to getting off about half way up Essex Road and walking down to Angel. It adds about 20 mins to my journey but at least I’m walking for a change 🙂

    Hope these god awful roadworks finish soon

  4. Robin said

    Why can’t they give the buses coming down Upper street priority to get through in the mornings? The line of some 40 buses all the way back up Essex Road is beyond a joke!

    I take the 38, and by the time I get to Angel tube I have usually walked passed at least four 38s, with no passangers!

    Cant TFL work out some alternatives routes????

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