Road works at the Angel

Bus routes through the Angel ground to a near halt today.

It’s the first day of four weeks’ worth of gas pipe works at the junction of Pentonville Road and Islington High Street/Upper Street. There are temporary traffic lights on Upper Street both ways between the Angel Islington junction and the White Lion Street junction.

On my way to Kings Cross today, I got off a stationary bus at Islington Green and walked instead; the bus didn’t pass me until I was half-way down Pentonville Road.

One benefit of the works is that it’s a bit quicker than usual for pedestrians to cross at the junction. But the bus journeys are a nightmare. So I hope TfL keep a close eye on the gas works, and ensure that they don’t last a day longer than necessary.



  1. […] January, 2009 at 12:23 pm · Filed under Campaigns More information on those Angel road works in an update from Islington […]

  2. David said

    Yep total nightmare if your trying to take the buses through Angle. Took me over an hour on the No.38 to then have to give up and walk.

  3. Mark said

    Do you know if the road works that are just starting along Upper Street are part of the Scheme that was consulted on a year ago – I have searched everywhere for information, including the Council’s website and can’t find any information?
    Looks like the bus stops outside Angel are dug up and the parking area on the other side is now all cordoned off. Thanks

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