Labour’s Islington South majority cut by voters, not boundary changes

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

Unsurprisingly in the week of the lamentable Heathrow decision – and following on years of everything from post office closures to data disasters – another poll shows Labour is facing a meltdown in London when the General election comes.

The Evening Standard’s coverage points out that Islington South & Finsbury MP Emily Thornberry is vulnerable. But they wrongly report that her “7,280 majority of 2005 is slashed to roughly 484 by boundary reforms“.

It was the widely-respected Chris Smith whose majority was over 7,000. And it was the voters who slashed Labour’s majority under Ms Thornberry to 484, not boundary changes.

In 2005 there was a 12% swing to the Lib Dems. Ironically it was the 1% increase in the Conservative vote that enabled Labour to cling on to the seat at the last General Election. With just a 0.8% swing to the Lib Dems needed next time, Islington voters really are in a position to deliver the change we need.


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