MP’s crocodile tears for Finsbury Health Centre

Crocodile tears from Islington South & Finsbury’s MP Emily Thornberry as she adds her voice to the thousands of local people who don’t want to see Finsbury Health Centre close.

It is of course her Government’s policies that are directly responsible.

Labour are disrupting popular, well-established GPs to force through polyclinics. The PFI finance rules – Gordon Brown’s baby – apparently make it uneconomic for Islington PCT to refurbish Finsbury Health Centre (ironically one of the first polyclinics).

And instead of local democratic control of health services, we have appointed Primary Care Trust boards, who are accountable only to Whitehall.

Labour have no plans to change any of these policies. So much as Ms Thornberry may protest her love for Finsbury Health Centre, these are empty words when it’s Labour policies that are closing it.

Liberal Democrat campaigners have been clear from the start that we want Finsbury’s local health services to stay local. After all, as the recent Cripplegate report found, while health is a top concern for the area’s poorest residents, so is the sense of community.

Why does Labour force Finsbury to choose between them?


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