Department for Transport: no help on Kings Cross access

A disappointing reply to our calls on the Labour Government to pressurise Network Rail into providing a bridge to keep access to and through Kings Cross station from the Islington side.

As I’ve blogged before, this isn’t just about slicing 5 minutes off a commute to the west end. Without a bridge, the regenerated Kings Cross will be even less accessible to the poorest communities in Islington, losing our borough the benefits of all that earlier investment. The bridge would not only maximise the benefit of that earlier investment, but would provide jobs now and a safe, green transport link for the future. And all for a fraction of the costs of the rest of the scheme. What’s not to like?

Meanwhile the Department for Transport are busy passing the buck. Their latest reply to campaign co-ordinator Sophie Talbot says “Network Rail is an independently regulated company and not part of Government. They have acted appropriately in undertaking the redevelopment works and, therefore, we are not in a position to intervene in this request.”

Ironically, among the tenants of Kings Place, the new offices on the Islington side, are none other than Network Rail.


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