Baby P: time for a public inquiry

The horrific case of Baby P has raised so many questions.

How can a child so obviously neglected not be taken into care? How can a doctor miss the fact that a toddler has a broken back? How can Haringey, the borough whose previous failures in the Climbie case sparked the Laming report, and the introduction of joined-up Childrens’ Services, be the very same borough where this second tragedy occurred?

Social workers must feel they can’t win. If they take children into care too hastily, they break up families, causing years of anguish and ruining lives. If they leave children in danger, the damage can be fatal. The judgement of Solomon relied on mothers saving their children from harm: now it seems we can’t even rely on that.

Trying to find out the truth of what went wrong this time, can help reduce the chance of this kind of tragedy even happening again. If some good is to come out of Baby P’s short life and awful death, then it must be that we learn lessons, not simply have a bunch of resignations and hope that’s that.

So I’m fully behind the calls of Lynne Featherstone MP for a public inquiry into child protection in Haringey.
Lynne’s tabled an Early Day Motion: I’d sign it if I was an MP, and I would like to see MPs from all parties – including Islington’s Labour MPs – do the same. So far, they have not.



  1. Helen Duffett said

    I asked my MP today to sign it, but he refused!

  2. fayesaville said

    Hi Bridget, my name is Faye Saville and I am in my final year studying for a BA (Hons) Public Relations Sandwich Degree at the University of Central Lancashire.

    I am currently conducting a piece of academic research for my dissertation. My research is focused around the area of crisis communication and online public relations.

    This study aims to discover how and why various Internet methods (e.g. blogs and social networking sites etc) are used by individuals to communicate with online during a crisis. My research specifically focuses on the crisis and case of Baby P. Therefore, this study requests to hear from individuals who have an interest (professional or otherwise) in the social work/social services and welfare sector and the case of Baby P.

    Would you be interested in posting my questionnaire on your blog? If you have accessed the Baby P case online and have followed the case I would very much appreciate if you could fill in my questionnaire and return it to myself.

    The questionnaire also aims to discover how and why individuals who have an interest in the social work/social services and welfare sector have found using the Internet in the Baby P crisis useful.

    If you would like me to send you copy of my questionnaire please let me know. The questionnaire should take approximately 15 minutes to complete and your responses will be a very valuable contribution to my research.

    Please note: All questionnaires filled in and returned to my email: will remain completely confidential and anonymous. Bloggers who wish to share their comments with other bloggers, can send responses to:

    If you have any questions or comments please do contact me.

    Kind regards,
    Faye Saville.

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