Clerkenwell Licensees’ Charter

Changes may be ahead for pubs and clubs in Clerkenwell.

Last month the Islington Tribune reported that Clerkenwell residents and their councillors were running out of patience with the impact of so many licensed premises in the area. Now the Council is consulting on a Clerkenwell Licensees’ Charter which all local licensees will be asked to sign. This is in addition to the existing Best Bar None scheme.

My understanding is that the Council can’t make the Charter compulsory. Some publicans aren’t keen. But venues who refuse to sign up may find it harder to get their license renewed if they get complaints in future.

If the scheme’s a success in Clerkenwell, I’d like to see the Council consider extending it to areas like Chapel Market. There long-suffering residents have clubs spilling out at 2 or 3 am followed by the market setting up from 5am. The market is a treasured bit of Islington life. So is having a good night out. But illegal minicab touting, peeing and throwing up in people’s doorways, and late night brawls are not.


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