An Advent message

My friends (and veteran members of St Mary’s Islington) Tom & Barbara Quantrill have sent this advent message:

Advent is a time of waiting and of preparation. So often we get caught up in the hurley-burley of practical preparations for Christmas that our spiritual preparations for the coming of Christ goes by the board. Yet Advent, like Lent, should be a time of spiritual spring-cleaning so that when we welcome the Christ Child on Christmas Day, we are fully prepared to do so.

We are expecting the most important person of all time, none other than the Son of God, so those preparations of penitence and of prayer should open our hearts and minds, so that we are ready to welcome him whole-heartedly. And all the time we are preparing, we are also waiting, full of anticipation and tinged with excitement. Our waiting should be full of hope and joyful wonder, knowing that he too waits; eager to come into our world, our homes and our hearts.

Let’s be fully prepared to meet him with joy this Christmas.


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