Bad wrappers take heart

Firebox, the gift website, is advertising a novel approach to presenting your presents.

Bored of perfectly wrapped presents? Sick of ribbons and bows? Then why not try the more personal touch with CrapWrap™, a unique new service from Firebox.

With CrapWrap™, we will wrap your presents in a comically bad manner. Think paper that’s been cut with nail scissors, rips that show bits of the surprise within, brown tape, shoddy corners. The kind of wrapping you won’t have seen since your Dad drank Santa’s bottle of sherry before wrapping your stuff as a kid.

It takes some skill to wrap this badly. We’ve had to blindfold most of our normally expert wrappers and put them in boxing gloves to get the right level of awfulness. The result is pretty special, and only the worst wrapped efforts get to carry the special CrapWrap™ label.

A refreshing alternative to the perfectly wrapped gifts you see in sugary Christmas movies, CrapWrap™ represents a novel twist on this whole wrapping malarkey. Aww, you shouldn’t have!

They charge an extra £3.95 for this service. Mine comes free…..


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