Ascent of money

I’ve had a rare evening in, and been enjoying ‘The Ascent of Money’ on Channel 4.

Last month, Rich & I had our regular weekend in Amsterdam (for Museumnacht) and visited the Historical Museum among many others.

We had an unexpected diversion this year when we hopped on what we thought was the Museumnacht circular canal boat only to find we had gate-crashed a Russian tour party. All part of life’s rich tapestry.

Anyway, tonight there was Niall Ferguson using one of my favourite pictures – Dirck Bas and family – to illustrate the story of the Dutch East India Company.

Then via John Laws, and the Louisiana bubble, to Enron and the ‘miraculous institution’ of the limited company. I don’t share his politics, but Niall Ferguson is a fine presenter, making complex ideas understandable, and linking past and present in an engaging way.

Talk of economic models, not to mention bull markets, inevitably reminds me of those Economic Models explained with Cows – updated for the post-Enron age.


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  1. gerrybley said

    Great economic cow model. Will have to share parts of it at Kiwanis this week. Gerry

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