Highbury Corner update

Some progress to reporton Highbury Corner.

Consultation on options for Highbury Corner started a year ago. We’ve been kept waiting a long time for the results but now they’re out. They show majority backing for the option of closing off one arm of the roundabout, creating new pedestrian space joining the island up to the Highbury & Islington station side. It will restore a traditional road junction, and create a new public open space in our crowded borough. The next battle is to get funding for the scheme: Mayor Boris says his cupboard is bare.

Highbury Corner is one of a series of gyratory – roundabout – junctions, that are stressful for motorists, dangerous for cyclists and a barrier to pedestrians. Others in Islington that need tackling are the gyratories at Archway and Old Street.

These infrastructure improvements are exactly the sort of project that national and regional government should be backing: they create jobs while the work’s underway, and the results are a local environment where it’s safer and more enjoyable to walk, cycle, and use local shops.


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