Cleaner Islington

Friday is our combined waste and recycling collection day.

Slightly disconcertingly I came home to find my green box had not only been emptied but had vanished completely. But there were two green boxes abandoned on the other side of the road, next to the park, so I’ve rehomed one of those. Very odd. Some people paint their house number on the box: never had to do that before, but maybe it’s time.

On a plus point, on the way home I’d spotted a pile of hefker – bits of wood, old bedding, spilling out of bags – on a street corner. On a Friday night that’s a nightmare, likely to get kicked and blown about the place all weekend. So I phoned the Council’s Contact Islington service – and by the next time I went past yesterday, it had gone. Good work.

And more praise for the Council’s cleanup services – this time on graffiti – here.


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