Your vote: don’t lose it, use it

Ken Livingstone famously said that if voting changed anything, they’d abolish it.

The US Presidential elections proved him wrong. One of the many exciting things about Barack Obama’s election is the way so many people registered to vote – and then used their vote – for the first time. Appropriate, as the President Elect started in politics with voter registration campaigns.

Closer to home, voting in Islington really makes a difference. Just one seat on the Council separates Lib Dems and Labour. And (as I may have mentioned before!) at the last General election here in Islington South & Finsbury, there were just 484 votes in it, making this one of the 5 most marginal seats in the country.

You can register to vote by following this link, and make it easier to use your vote by registering for a postal vote here.

Islington residents can get a voter registration form here.


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