Post Office card account saved – no thanks to Emily Thornberry

The Government has announced it is giving into demands from the Lib Dems, among others, and saving the Post Office Card Account.

This should save 3,000 post offices from closure, although too late for Goswell Road and the many other Islington branches closed under Labour.

Liberal Democrats want the Post Office to be allowed to continue to pay out pensions and benefits. We want to see £2 billion of investment in branches, paid for by selling part of the Government’s shareholding in Royal Mail. And we think Labour could help by having more Government departments use Post Offices to provide services. Supporting the Post Office Card Account is vital to the Post Office’s future.

It’s been a hot topic in Parliament all this week. On Monday, Lib Dems opened a Commons debate on the Post Office Card Account. The debate motion pointed out the damage done to the Post Office by the uncertainty over the future of the accounts, particularly the pressure on existing users to switch to bank accounts, and called for a rethink.

The wording wasn’t new to MPs, because it was tabled as a cross-party Early Day Motion back in the summer. All the Lib Dem MPs signed up – and so did our local Labour MPs Jeremy Corbyn and Emily Thornberry. Jeremy duly voted for the motion too. So I was shocked Emily Thornberry failed to support the motion on Monday.

Did she have a dramatic conversion? Was she scared by the whips? Or is it just another example of Labour hypocrisy?

Of course, when it comes to hypocrisy over our Post Offices, Ms Thornberry has form.

Does she think Islington voters are stupid?


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