Unemployment is rising

It’s not a great time for the jobs market, locally or nationally.

According to local government stats, Islington’s employment rate is just over 8% (the national rate is 5.7%, which itself is at a 17 year high).

So it’s timely that Islington Council leader James Kempton is taking a leading role working with the London Skills and Employment Board to promote jobs and job training for Londoners.

Islington already has a number of schemes like the Tracks to Employment centres to help local people into work, and James has a personal passion for the jobs and training agenda. But there’s only so much that training can do, if the jobs aren’t there in the first place.

Losing jobs or struggling to get a job is much more damaging to people’s quality of life than falling house prices. The Government is quick to try and pressure people into work. But what are they doing to help employers keep jobs going in the first place?

Today’s interest rate cut is a welcome step (and part of the Lib Dem economic recovery proposals): Government must ensure that when banks benefit from a cut in borrowing costs, they pass it all on to their customers.


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