War in the 21st century: when is it right to fight?

As a teenager, I was a pacifist.

Now I accept that there are circumstances where armed defence, intervention to prevent abuse, or peace-keeping operations are justified. But I still find the idea of war, certainly of instigating war, horrific. Just one of the reasons I marched against the illegal invasion of Iraq.

A series of lectures on War in the 21st Century at the London Institute of Contemporary Christianity is looking at these issues: when is it right to fight?, when is it right to intervene?, what does it mean to be powerful? and lastly, can humans ever be reconciled?

Appropriately enough, they run throughout November, the month of Remembrance Sunday.



  1. bob Innes said

    Its only a right to fight when a powerful sees great suffering given by one group upon another within a particular nation.
    But usually there is ulterior motives behind powerful nations intervening….

  2. mitesh said

    i learned cycleing when i was 13

    good to know that in uk children are learning at age 3.

    nice blog.
    see u later


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