Water on the menu

I’ve blogged before about our strange attitude to water.

We have safe, clean, piped water – a luxury in global terms – but choose to import bottled water from all over the world. And then have to dispose of the bottles.

Now Islington Friends of the Earth are launching a bottled water campaign, starting on Saturday 18th October.

Our borough’s known for its restaurants, so FoE have hit on the idea of tackling as many restaurants as possible along Upper Street their policy on serving tap water. In my experience, most places are fine about serving tap water if you ask, but don’t exactly promote it. I’ve seen at least one restaurant menu (in Essex) which said “we do not serve tap water” – not good.

FoE plan to ask three questions:
1. Do you offer your customers tap water? Yes/No
2. If yes, how do you offer tap water? Upon customer request/On the menu/Other
3. Where do you source the bottled water you offer your customers?

Anyone can take part. – just ask the question when you eat out, and email the answers back to the local group.


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