Greener homes for all

Building greener homes should be a priority. It would help fight climate change and fuel poverty at the same time – and create ‘green collar’ jobs. What’s not to like?

So I was interested to be contacted by the National Housing Federation – who represent housing associations – about their ‘Green Homes Now!’ campaign.

The Conservative government banned local authorities from building new council homes; something Labour have done little to change. So new social housing is virtually all built by housing associations (Islington’s an honourable exception). And the government, who control funding to housing associations, are requiring them to hit high green standards, with 25% fewer carbon emissions than required by current building regulations.

That’s fine; but it’s not fair that private developers don’t have to meet the same standards until 2010. Not only is that a missed opportunity for the homes built in the meantime; but it makes it harder and more expensive for the housing associations to do their job.

If you support the National Housing Federation’s campaign for private developers to build to the same environmental standards and timetable as housing associations, then you can sign their petition here.


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