Lisa Pontecorvo: memorial service

Following the sad loss of Lisa Pontecorvo last month, details have been announced for a memorial service on Friday November 14th.

Appropriately, it will be in Edward Square – Lisa was the dynamic secretary of the Friends of Edward Square who led the efforts to save and transform this space.

For more information and updates on the event, keep checking Lisa’s memorial page on the Kings Cross Environment website.


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  1. Murray Grigor said

    Lisa was a class mate at Laurel Bank and best friend of my late wife Barbara Sternschein: two young girls in Glasgow with exotic outsider names- though Lisa often joked that in Scots she would like her name to be MacCrawbrig.

    When Lisa became a most effective archive film researcher, well earning the title of film ferret, Barbara and I worked together with her on numerous projects. In effect she became an alternative National Film Archive for us in Scotland, since she had a compendious stack of references compiled from the NFA lists on numerous projects. Lisa excelled herself in ferreting out the most abstruse footage for a film we did on the Vorticists, that short-lived but highly inventive art movement which was born before and died after World War I. Lisa with some delight championed our film ‘BLAST’ at the Open University as an alternative way of capturing the excitement of art without recourse to scholarly talking heads or a narrator.

    When Teen and Gus Macdonald were neighbours of Lisa and Guido Pontecorvo in Thornhill Barbara we used to see her often and shared delight in many of Lisa’d campaigns, especially the bell ringing challenge.

    That such a life force should have been taken when, Lisa ‘was approaching her prime’ – as Barbara would have said – is just too too sad for words.

    I so wish I could make Lisa’s memorial on November 14th but then I will be in Australia.

    Long Live the indomitable spirit of the great Lisa and may all her unrealised plans now come to pass.

    Murray Grigor

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