Emil Nolde

I admit to never having heard of Emil Nolde until James May named Nolde as his favourite artist.

The idea of May having a favourite artist is surreal enough. Then he cited Nolde’s crucifixion triptych. You’d never get Jeremy Clarkson saying that. So I had to take a look.


I love it.

But Hitler apparently did not: the Nazis banned Nolde from painting in 1941. (How can you ban a painter from painting: it’s worse than banning publication, it’s trying to ban the creative spirit itself).

Nolde’s works are largely kept at his own foundation/museum in Seebull. The artist didn’t want to be lost in the museum fatigue of the major collections. I’m not entirely sure where Seebull is. But now it’s definitely on my list of places I’d like to visit.

Although, pace James May, I’ll try and get there by Eurostar…..


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