Action on car emissions

Back in July, I wrote about the vexed question of biofuels in my Guardian blog – and pointed to possible EU limits on vehicles’ CO2 emissions as a positive alternative.

Well the good news is that the European Parliament’s environment committee has voted through the new rules.

As Greenpeace reports, “In a long-awaited display of responsibility, the European Parliament’s Environment committee has voted through a strong package to reduce emissions from cars. As the committee went into session, it seemed certain that a compromise package riddled with loopholes would be the one to pass. However, the MEPs voted to stick with meaningful legislation, turning their backs on nine months of lobbying by the car industry.”

Among the MEPs leading the campaign for change is UK Lib Dem Fiona Hall, who points out that Liberal Democrat MEPs carried on pushing for tough targets, even when the Socialists chose to work with Tories to try and block the targets and create loopholes.

Proof that who we vote for in next year’s Euro elections does make a difference.


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