Legal aid cuts hit Islington

The Times reports that Clerkenwell-based solicitors Hickman & Rose are quitting legal aid work.

Hickman & Rose are one of the leading human rights and criminal justice firms. The Government’s legal aid cuts – which I raised at Lib Dem Spring conference back in March – are really beginning to hit.

Lib Dem MP Alan Beith, who led the Parliamentary scrutiny of the reforms, warned that “a Treasury-driven approach is being taken, and it may be highly damaging to our legal aid system“.

Legal aid guarantees access to justice and is a fundamental human right. If the best firms withdraw from legal aid work because the Government funding doesn’t add up, then that access to justice is at best limited – and at worst denied altogether.

Gordon Brown claims to be angry when people are treated unfairly. But it’s his Government’s policy that’s causing this injustice today.


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  1. Whenever you have money involved in someone’s access to legal aid or justice there is going to be a lack of service. Attorneys that do bro bono work provide a great service and allow many people who would normally get nothing from our legal system get just a little better.

    Our system is not perfect but until more people have legal insurance like in Europe there will always be a disconnect.

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