Goswell Road Post Office to close

I’ve just heard that the Post Office will definitely be closing Goswell Road post office.

The closure could come as soon as next month, now that Post Office bosses have rejected the strong objections made by local campaigners and the hundreds of petition signatures we collected.
This is the 13th post office in Islington to close under Labour; not lucky for our borough.

Since we started our petition back in June, I’ve met so many people who use this branch and depend on it.

Goswell Road post office is a vital local service for families and pensioners, small shops and local businesses. It’s also used by students and staff from City University. Other branches in Islington are too busy and too far away. The branch at Amwell Street closed two years ago and many people switched to using Goswell Road instead. Where are they supposed to go now?

The Post Office have been very clear that they only decided to close Goswell Road because they have to meet Government cuts targets. It is all about cuts and nothing to do with what is best for local people.

I am sick of Labour trying to spin their way out of this and blame everyone except themselves.

Emily Thornberry could have used her vote in Parliament to halt Post Office closures: she did not.


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