Top 50 LibDems – according to Iain Dale

It’s Lib Dem party conference time, so I’m blogging from Bournemouth….

The Daily Telegraph is running a feature this conference week on ‘the 50 most influential Liberal Democrats’; it’s a countdown, starting with 41-50.

As ever, I’m interested in all things Islington, so was delighted to see Islington Council leader, James Kempton, in at 43. As the article says, “Kempton is one of the LibDems’ youngest council leaders and is undoubtedly a rising star in the Party“.

As Iain Dale, who compiled the list, writes: “The words “influence” and “power” don’t sit comfortably with the notion of the Liberal Democrats, yet from time to time, the party and its senior politicians make a real impact on the body politic.”

Sarah Teather MP (formerly an Islington councillor), and Brian Paddick (who started his police career in Holloway), are also on the list.

Meanwhile James is currently leading the party’s policy consultation on schools.


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