Best foot forward

An email has arrived from ‘Do the Green Thing’.

“Do September’s Green Thing and Walk The Walk.
Walking burns no fossil fuel and causes no CO2 emissions but still gets you from A to B. Slower? Well, sometimes. In a better state of mind? Nearly always.”

I love walking around Islington, and not just when delivering leaflets (although that can certainly take you to corners you wouldn’t otherwise find).

It’s definitely the best way to appreciate the place – you see more of the buildings, and you can use the local shops so easily. When I was on the council, I campaigned for better walking facilities, from the wayfinding boards to more dropped kerbs, and we now have more and better places to walk – like the north arm of Islington Green.

Walking keeps you fit and it’s also a great way to meet people. In one lunch hour this week, I bumped into our Safer Neighourhoods Team, a local energy conservation campaigner, and a neighbour interested in changes to the local park – and I got to use the local shops. That wouldn’t have happened if I’d been in the car, on the bus or even on a bike.

Meanwhile if you need more encouragement, Green Thing are even offering ‘walkcasts’, by Tracy Chevalier and John Hegley among others to play on your MP3 as you walk.


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