‘Watch your waste’ week

No, not weight (or waist) watching, but waste.

Islington residents are recycling more than ever before: since 2004, the amount we send to landfill has halved. But can anyone get their unrecycled, ‘black bag’ waste down to zero?

Between 4 and 12 October, north London boroughs (including Islington) will be running ‘Watch Your Waste’ week; it’s the first of its kind in London. The Watch Your Waste Challenge is an opportunity for residents to see how little rubbish they can produce for a week.

Participants will count or weigh their normal rubbish in the week beforehand; then during the week, aim for zero waste by only using things that can be reused, recycled or composted, so little or nothing for the black bag.

If you live in Islington and are interested in taking part, or just want to find out more, contact Michael Benn at Islington Council (tel: 020 7527 2627, michael.benn@ islington. gov.uk).



  1. David said

    And maybe while you’re at it you can tell people how you authorised your officers to snoop through people’s bins. Wasn’t it you who was in charge of the department when the council rummaged through hundreds of people’s rubbish bins?

  2. Alex said

    get a life david, how do you think councils are going to reduce waste if they dont know whats in the bin in the first place.

    They couldnt care less if you read the daily mail or the times as it seems like it

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