From hot Beijing to cool London?

Rich and I really enjoyed the closing ceremony of the Olympics. Spectacular acrobatics and fireworks; and a celebratory atmosphere that was about fun not triumphalism. Although Britain’s got plenty to be triumphant about.

It was weird and quite nerve-wracking seeing Boris walk out to represent our city in front of the world; would he drop the flag? or a clanger? or both? In fact the worst seemed to be his slightly scruffy air – jacket undone and a visible struggle to keep his hands out of his pockets. Jim White in the Telegraph suggests Boris might be backing conkers as London’s demonstration sport.

The 2012 element wasn’t exactly an idealised London, not very alternative either. Commuters sheltering under umbrellas and chucking their free papers around might be a bit too close to the truth.

As for the rest, well I was pleased to make some Islington connections. Candoco are based in Islington; and Leona Lewis grew up here. Oh, and the Belisha beacon was introduced by a Liberal MP.

And at least now we know what Boris’ replacement for the bendy buses will look like…


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