I’m a meek anarchist*

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Ten days ago, I tuned into the first episode of Channel4’s new programme ‘Make me a Christian’. I didn’t blog about it at the time because I was so angry and disappointed that I didn’t want to give it any more attention.

So why now? Well, Rev Joanna Jepson, one of the participants, is apparently as appalled by the programme as I was.

I was intrigued by the premise – get a diverse bunch of non-believers, lapsed believers and open-minded followers of other faiths to live by Christian principles for a few weeks, and see what difference it made.

At the centre of a faith-based lifestyle is, well, faith. So without that it would probably be a bit superficial, a bit of a reality lifestyle makeover detox thingy. But it could have been positive and interesting.

After all, some of the most helpful secular techniques such as transactional analysis and assertiveness training, are closely compatible with Christian teaching on relationships. Not a narrow focus on sexual relationships but looking at how we relate to ourselves and all our fellow humans, and the world around us, as well as to God.

Even in a secular context, following a Christian lifestyle of ‘care more, share more’, would be radical enough for our age.

Did we get that? Did we hell. Instead Channel4 gave us a pick’n’mix of sin’n’sex. Visiting an abortion clinic? Banning lesbian books? Insulting, stereotypical crap. These are not clear-cut or uniform issues for Christians. There are Christians who support a woman’s right to choose, just as there are Christians who are liberal on gay rights.

Don’t watch this rubbish. If you do, don’t assume it’s a true take on Christian lifestyles. Don’t judge my faith through Channel4’s filter. Read this instead.

*Take ‘Make me a Christian’, shake it up, and you get ‘I’m a meek anarchist’. That’s more like it.



  1. Yeah – I was as unimpressed with this one as “make me a muslim”.

    Both shows were about getting a bunch of fundamentalist preachers and rubbing them up against normal people and filming the results.

    The muslim one managed to cover 2 of the 4 pillars of islam, and funnily enough spent an awful lot of time focussing on clothes, sex and food – the christian one was at least a bit more even handed in that it didn’t expect everbody to follow the tennets of the old testament on eating shellfish, wearing mixed cloth, etc – I missed it’s handling of homosexuality, but can guess there was at least one gay who was lectured from leviticus while the preacher themselves broke a dozen or so rules from the same book.

    Whenever I hear a professed follower of christ talking about homosexuality I always think of this cartoon and snigger at their idiocy : http://russellsteapot.com/images/rsgallery/original/000100000.jpg

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