Streetcar streets ahead

Streetcar, who run Islington’s car club, are looking for more bays to expand their service (which now includes vans).

They currently have a mix of off-street bays, bays at public amenities (Highbury Fields, Islington Town Hall) and many in quiet side streets (like the bay in Yeate Street near my home). As it’s reckoned each car club car takes about 6 private cars off the street, more car club bays can help relieve pressure on parking for essential car users too.

Islington has one of the largest car clubs in the country, but we’re not alone. Camden are also growing their car club as Alexis Rowell reports.

It costs around £2k a year to have a car in London – tax, insurance, parking, depreciation – even without driving it. So there’s lots of reasons to join the car club.


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