Stormy weather

When thunderstorms were raging over London earlier today, I wondered if I should cancel tonight’s campaign session. Just as well I didn’t!

It was a really successful foray round the pretty small streets just off City Road near the Angel. Comparing notes at the end of the evening we had one new member, two new deliverers and a batch of supporters.

We’d planned to meet for drinks at the lovely Charles Lamb pub on Elia Street, but it was packed out (maybe Thursday is the new Friday…). So we went to the Arc. Confession time: I’ve never been in there before. It’s a bit of an identikit modern pub – low leather sofas, sports channel on screens, lager and BOGOF cocktails.

Normally I’d have a swift half but we’d had such a good evening, I felt like a celebration. And the Arc’s cocktail du soir was a Stormy Weather. The main flavour is ginger, my favourite, so that was that. I normally get headaches before a storm; if I feel rough tomorrow, I’ve only myself to blame.

Meanwhile, if you’ve missed out, here’s a Stormy Weather recipe. It couldn’t be easier, and tastes equally delicious whatever the weather.

And if you prefer a song, listen to Ethel Waters here…..


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  1. John Abrams said

    That’s great Bridget – when i was in that area i took ages looking for a particular pub and ended up going past Emily Thorntberry’s HQ!

    It made me feel ill.

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