Government support for tidal power ebbing

We’ve just had a postcard from my brother Phil & family, camping in the Lake District.

For the climate campers at at Kingsnorth it was less a holiday, more a protest. As the Guardian reports, environmentalists are targeting Kingsnorth because its owner, the German energy group E.ON, want to build a new coal plant there – the UK’s first for nearly 30 years. Companies could build a further six more coal plants if Kingsnorth gets the go-ahead, making it almost impossible for the UK to meet its carbon emissions targets.

Rich & I get our electricity from Good Energy, a 100% renewable supplier. You can do the same here. But with less than 5% of the current UK energy mix coming from renewables, it will take more than consumer choice to transform the energy market. We need the Government to take a lead, putting more into renewables, less into fossil fuels and nuclear.

So I was disgusted to learn that the Government hasn’t even spent the limited funding it’s allocated for wave and tidal energy. My Lib Dem colleague Steve Webb MP has been leading calls for tougher CO2 targets; and the Severn barrage, in Steve’s constituency, could be an important part of that.

Meanwhile here in Islington, Labour MP Emily Thornberry continues to vote for new nuclear power stations. This is a major blow to her claims to be a green-minded MP. Friends of the Earth don’t support nuclear power. Greenpeace don’t either. And nor do the Liberal Democrats.


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