Fighting dirty

Politics can be a tough business. People have genuine conflicts of ideas, as well as rival ambitions. And when MPs demonstrate greedy self-interest or hypocrisy, it gives all politicians a bad name. But I still believe most people in politics are decent and dedicated – despite the arguments and accusations that fly at election time.

So when a politician really plays dirty it’s a shock. Like the case of former Labour councillor Miranda Grell in Waltham Forest. She was convicted of smearing her (gay) Lib Dem opponent as a paedophile. And now Ian Oakley the Tory parliamentary candidate for Watford has pleaded guilty to a harassment campaign against Lib Dems there. Watford blogger (and Gooner) Sara Bedford has more on the Oakley case here.

But in both these cases there are examples of people putting truth ahead of partisanship. In Walthamstow, Ms Grell’s Labour running-mate Nicholas Russell gave evidence against her. And in Watford, Green Cllr Steve Rackett has spoken up for the Lib Dem victims.


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