Who’s really to blame for Post Office closures

The Post Office have published their consultation document on closing Goswell Road Post Office.

And they’ve been refreshingly frank about why they’re asking Islington residents to lose another post office branch – if we lose Goswell Road it will be the 13th to close under Labour.

The first paragraph of the consultation document reads:“The Government has decided that up to 2,500 post office branches across the UK will close.

“This local public consultation will not change the Government decision but aims to help Post Office Limited identify if the appropriate branches in this area have been proposed for closure.”

As my colleague Lucy Watt told the Islington Gazette, the Post Office are obviously fed up with taking the blame for decisions that lie squarely at the door of the Government.

And squarely in the frame must be Emily Thornberry MP who has voted for the closure programme at every opportunity. Don’t believe me? Check out her Parliamentary voting record here: scroll down to Policy Issues, and it’s there in black & white.

100% Post office – in favour of Government policy
0% Post office closures – against


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  1. […] has a record of failing to back up her rhetoric with action – she failed to vote with rebels on post offices, council housing and a string of other issues where Islington interests were at […]

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