Lose the knife… not a life

I’ve had some news about the plans for a big anti-knife march in London. There’s been a couple of changes of date while it’s been developing, simply because so many people want to attend. Now the ‘Lose the knife…. not a life’ march is confirmed for 20 September. The plan is for two groups to set off at noon: one from Highbury and a south of the river group from Kennington. Both marches will meet at Hyde Park for a peace rally.

Just last weekend Rich & I walked past the corner where Ben Kinsella was killed; there are flowers and candles, posters and t-shirts marking the spot. We stopped to read some of the messages; very touching tributes from so many young people to one of their own. There’s been so much reaction to Ben’s death, so much determination to try and end knife crime.

As the march organiser, Danny O’Brien says, “This culture of violence will not stop over night – nor are we naive to think a march and peace rally will resolve the violence, BUT we as a nation need to come together in true unification to say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.” If you are on Facebook, you can find out more about the event here.


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