Islington escalators

I had a mini-workout today when I walked up the escalator coming out of the tube. Before you sneer, this was Angel tube, which is famously home to the longest escalators in London (indeed, according to Wikipedia, the longest in western Europe).

However, if that’s not enough of a workout, then the claimants to the title of the world’s longest escalator are variously in Japan, Moscow, and Maryland.

I’ve actually been on the famous spiral escalators at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. Mind you, there it competes with attractions such as the ‘rain’ in the ‘Arab village’ at the Aladdin, and of course, the indoor ‘Grand Canal’, complete with gondalas, at the Venetian.

What I hadn’t realised was that an early, sadly unsuccessful, version of a spiral escalator was tried out at Holloway Road tube a century ago. Islington would really have been the escalator capital of Europe… Who needs Nevada when you can have N7?



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  2. Dani said

    Hi I am using the escalator in a short story I’m writing and I was wondering how many steps is it the escalator at Angel Islington?

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