Greener gardens

I was watching the London news last night when up popped my old friend Richard Barnes, talking about encouraging biodiversity in your back garden.

We’ve been doing our bit; the other day Rich (that’s my Richard, Mr Turnbull) pointed out that we had a young fox asleep in the garden. I was a bit anxious, but Percy was unfazed, the fox wandered off and hasn’t been back. On a more planned basis, we also have minimal paving, a butterfly plant, a compost bin, and avoid the use of chemicals. Although this does mean a constant war with weeds. Me (speculating on planting schemes to gardener Mum): “We’re wondering what to try here…” Mum (surveying the dandelions): “How about paraquat?”

Anyway, the news item was part of the launch of the ‘Garden for a Living London’ campaign. London’s three million gardens are potentially a fantastic boost to nature, if we don’t all go down the route of decking...

Ponds are good, was the key message, although I confess I was doing a bit more ‘oh look, it’s Richard’ and a bit less listening than I should have done. But despair not; if you missed it, there is lots more information on the London Wildlife Trust website.

Meanwhile in our garden, the old fence has gone. It was always debatable whether it was supporting the ivy or the other way round. Next-door have said they’re going to replace it, did we mind? Not at all! Well, the fence has gone; no replacement yet. As next door have children and a dog, and we have a cat, we’ll certainly have a lively species mix until the new fence arrives...



  1. Jock said

    You could always use the dandelions!

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