Kings Cross access: update

A few weeks ago I blogged about keeping east-side access to Kings Cross station. I’ve always seen the redevelopment of Kings Cross as a way to improve what’s on offer to Islington residents; but by closing off access, Network Rail’s plans mean the station will be literally turning its back on our borough.

Access campaigner Sophie Talbot has been very busy since then as her website shows.You can now join the signatories on the Downing Street petition, who include Lib Dem London Assembly member Caroline Pidgeon and former Islington Mayor (and Kings Cross resident) Jonathan Dearth. You can also join the Facebook group – and come to the public meeting on 16 July.

There’s a lot of dispute about what was and wasn’t required by Camden’s planning permission for the station rebuild. Network Rail seem to have limited their feasibility study into a bridge to the platforms, which was never a practical option. Campaigners want a bridge across the station, as used to exist. Meanwhile Argent (who are developing the land around the station) feature just such a bridge on their site model. Argent now have a marketing suite open at Kings Cross. Perhaps Network Rail should drop by and take a look….



  1. Susanne said

    Now that’s a worthwhile campaign and I’ve just signed the petition. Hope you will mention it on your newspaper blog. Should be easy to get more than 200 signatures.

  2. bridgetfox said

    Thank you, and yes, I have already done so:

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