Helping Helen box the Tories in Cranbrook

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

I had an enjoyable afternoon with my friend Helen Duffett on Friday. She’s a busy mum of four whose youngest is about to start school; so Helen, not one to be idle, is standing for election to her local council in the Cranbrook by-election on Thursday.

We met up at Gants Hill; just 20 minutes on the tube from Liverpool Street, but it feels a world away from Islington. Strolling round the pleasant ‘cathedral’ streets – Ripon, Ely, etc – of Redbridge, with pretty front gardens on every side, and the sun on my back, I felt like a ‘Britain in Bloom’ judge.

One of Helen’s issues is to get better recycling services in Redbridge, including cardboard. Her ‘box our boxes’ website has attracted lots of support. Given how much packaging is cardboard – and how small inner London boroughs like Islington manage to recycle it – I think it’s ridiculous that Tory Redbridge is so far behind.

Another hot topic is the over-development of the area, with large blocks of flats being crammed on every available corner. There is demand for affordable homes for local families, as in every bit of London, but the developments here are aimed squarely at commuters. They add nothing to the community. Unlike Helen!

She’s a natural, friendly and engaging, but quietly determined – just the right mix to really get things done. I’d love to have her as my councillor, and if the people of Cranbrook know a good thing, she’ll soon be theirs.


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