Save Goswell Road Post Office

It’s almost incredible, but the Post Office have announced the closure of another Islington post office. This time it’s the popular branch on Goswell Road, EC1. Not only is it in a regeneration area, on the borders of Bunhill and Clerkenwell, but it’s surrounded by large estates, small shops, and City University: all communities that need their local post office.

The post offices at Old Street and Mount Pleasant are each half a mile away and none of them is on a direct bus route from Goswell Road. Or are Finsbury residents expected to join the hour-long queue at Upper Street?

As the Post Office statement makes clear, this is entirely driven by the Labour Government’s cuts plan, “part of the implementation of the Government decision to reduce the UK wide network of Post Office branches by up to 2,500”.

One post office in Walthamstow has been saved; so it seems another in Islington must close – even though none of their previous reviews suggested closing Goswell Road. With 12 Islington post offices already closed under Labour, Goswell Road is a very unlucky 13.

Labour Ministers are frank that it’s a cost-driven agenda; earlier this month, Pat McMadden MP told the BBC, “three out of four post offices in the country are actually running at a loss and that’s part of the reason why some are having to close.”

For Labour MP Emily Thornberry to claim she supports our post offices is the worst hypocrisy.

She described branches like Goswell Road as ‘just a counter in a shop’. When other Labour MPs, including Jeremy Corbyn, voted with the Lib Dems to try and stop the closure programme, Emily Thornberry voted with the Government, to carrying on closing. Then she tries to blame the Council… If buck-passing was an Olympic event, she’d be in the national team. Well Islington residents aren’t stupid, we can see how she votes, and it’s clearly not in favour of our post offices.

Liberal Democrats have consistently opposed Post Office closures. We’ve already launched our petition to save Goswell Road, and we’ve had a fantastic response from residents, businesses and the University.

You can join the campaign here.


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