Sweet Monday

I usually work from home, but every couple of weeks or so, I set off for Bucks and a day at my firm‘s office in Chesham. The journey is a multi-modal treat: bus, train and tube. The last part is on the shuttle train between Chalfont & Latimer and Chesham, descending through woods and fields of sheep, with views over the Chess Valley. All the more surprising that this is on a tube line.

There are two Baker Street trains that catch the same Chesham connection – so why was I running for the earlier one? Well there may not be a station buffet at Chalfont, but there is an extremely nice cafe just outside. I popped in for a cup of tea and a home-made raspberry muffin, fresh from the oven, and memorably good. Tea and muffin together £2.50; vaut le detour. (Nearly as good as Mum’s home-made scones that I had on my way home). Not bad for a Monday morning.

Negotiating the last bit of the trip with tea, muffin and laptop bag, was the opposite of hands-free, so I’d got my Oyster card in my pocket with cashcard and work swipecard in the same wallet. As I reached the office, for one ghastly moment I thought I’d lost them: unable to get in the office, unable to get back home, and unable to get any money. Yes having your vital data in one place is handy, but also risky. Fans of ID cards please note.


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