Supporting Refuge

Two local women, both near neighbours of mine, are making headlines for the worst of reasons.

Abiodun Ilumoka, who was pregnant, was murdered at home in Essex Road last week; the body of Rahmona Ahmedin, who lived in Peabody Square, three streets away, was found in Essex. Like the young victims of knife crime on our streets, their temporary fame comes with terrible violence and untimely death. Of course we don’t know all the circumstances, but it looks likely that Abiodun, and possibly Rahmona too, were victims of domestic violence.

If so, that’s in line with the chilling statistics. According to Refuge, the specialist charity helping domestic violence victims, 2 women are killed by a current or former partner each week, that’s 1 every three days. And that’s without counting so-called ‘honour’ killings, where the violence comes from other family members.

We rightly agonise about how to tackle the youth violence which is frighteningly public; but the hidden violence that too many women face is as senseless, as unacceptable and should generate the same outrage.

One simple, positive way to support Refuge is to give them your old mobile phone for recycling. It’s a fantastic scheme – raising money for Refuge, while reducing the number of phones going to landfill, and helping people in developing countries who get the reconditioned phones.

Another way is to buy a Refuge bracelet from Avon. As it happens, our local Avon lady also lives just off Essex Road. So if you’d like to buy a bracelet, and you’re in Islington too, email me; I’ll put you in touch.


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  1. bridgetfox said

    UPDATE: The Avon bracelet has been replaced by a necklace – details here:

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