Hornsey Street postal services: 2nd class?

This morning, between showers, shopping, and a bit of blogging, I was out delivering letters on Hornsey Street, the new estate created as part of the regeneration of Holloway on the back of the new Arsenal stadium.

It’s a common problem that developers build new housing without the necessary infrastructure to make them viable communities. Being in the centre of an already densely-populated borough, that shouldn’t be a problem for Hornsey Street. The new flats come with those modern essentials, a Tesco with cashpoint, an estate agent and a gym (and some state of the art bike parking) – what more could you need?

Well, there’s something missing; the humble pillar box. We may all be on email these days but there are somethings, from birthday cards to official documents, that you still need to post. It’s the sort of thing you don’t notice until you need it. Where is your nearest post box? I’ve got one on the corner of my road, and another at the corner of the next street. If you live on Hornsey Street, the nearest pillar boxes are at Caledonian Road tube or the far side of Holloway Road – you have to leave the estate and cross a main road either way.

So I’ve started a campaign to get Royal Mail to provide a letter box for the estate. It may seem a minor issue, but Royal Mail is supposed to be a universal service; why should Hornsey Street’s be 2nd class? The website went live last week, we delivered letters publicising it today – and the signatures are already coming in. Watch the website for developments.



  1. zac warnes said

    I like the community spirit. Thinking more on this, think of the large amount of nurses and shift workers in that estate, maybe some sharing of services could start up, using the coffee shop as a local link? Dog walking, baby sitting, car sharing……..bring back the community spirit, that I rembember as a kid……..

  2. bridgetfox said

    Thankyou Zac – which of these do you think is the priority for the neighbourhood? Would you be able and willing to help organise? Let me know your views!

    Also, on separate issue, do you use Holloway or Cally Road tube stations and if so, how do you find the service at the station(s) and on the Piccadilly Line?


  3. zac warnes said

    I do use the Holloway road tube st mainly if I’m not running to work! In terms of the post box, there is one on the holloway rd tube st side just after the bridge, so I’m not sure how close you really want the post box. In terms of community spirit, Some kind of notice board at the coffee shop would be good, and the coffee shop would like it as they then would have higher potential customers, sure bring back the community feel. email me for sure

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