London Jewellery Week

This week is London Jewellery Week, the first of its kind. Jewellery isn’t just about bling. It’s a specialist area of craft and design, for which London is a world centre. Most of the participants in London Jewellery Week are in the West End or Hatton Garden, but not all. Islington has its own sparklers: Stephen Einhorn on Upper Street; Everyday Gorgeous and the Lesley Craze Gallery on Clerkenwell Green; EC One in Exmouth Market; and Studionorth on New North Road. There are lots of special events this weekend from Stephen Einhorn’s online auction to Studionorth’s jewelled cupcakes.

(And if you want the red carpet look without going into the red, there’s always Hot Rocks Hire in glamourous Wanstead.)

London Jewellery Week is organised by the City Fringe Partnership, a regeneration scheme that links the City of London with adjacent communities, helping sponsor training, business startups and other initiatives. There is something crazy about the City employing trainloads of people from all over the South East, while bright youngsters in Islington and other inner London boroughs are unemployed on the City’s doorstep. City Fringe Partnership does a lot of good work to address this, without a lot of fuss. Sadly, regeneration schemes usually only make the headlines when something goes wrong. So it’s good to see City Fringe having their own well-deserved red carpet moment.


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