Our liberties are not for sale

I grew up with the reality of the IRA bombing campaigns in London. Seven Islington residents died in the 7 July 2005 bombings. So I know terrorism is not an abstract issue. But Parliament was right to reject increasing the detention limit beyond 28 days in 2005, and any such increase is still unjustified today. There is a roll call of distinguished figures – former Lord Chancellor Lord Falconer, former Attorney General Lord Goldsmith, the current Director of Public Prosecutions and the head of MI5 – opposing 42 days.

All the practical evidence is that an extra two weeks’ detention without charge would not have affected the ability to bring charges in any recent terrorist case. There is nothing to stop indefinite detention once charges have been brought. Even the government admits that there is no need for this 42 day power now, but say it might be needed at some future date.

It is wrong to give the government such powers over us without urgent need. This proposal is more about trying to make Gordon Brown look strong than making Londoners safe. There are now rumours of bribes being offered to backbenchers by a desperate Government.

The 2005 Labour rebels – including Emily Thornberry MP – must do the right thing.
Resist the bribes; tell the Government that our liberties are not for sale: vote with the Liberal Democrats and oppose 42 days.


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  1. Kacy said

    Not going off the subject but not living far from Warrington when it was bombed by the IRA has left me not only sad but mad at why people can do these awful things.

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