Back to the future?

Are the credit crunch and worries about the cost of living having an impact on our taste in films? The big movies this season are nostalgic; Indiana Jones and Sex & the City. It’s cinematic comfort food. The big book launch is James Bond. As Carrie might say, does it mean these days we’re all feeling more shaken than stirred?

Yes, Prime Minister had Jim Hacker preparing a TV broadcast in which he would announce his Grand Design of cancelling Trident and reintroducing conscription – or posssibly not. No news, and he would wear a modern suit in front of a yellow set; unsettling news, and he would appear at a traditional desk with a sober suit to strains of Bach. Gordon Brown always looks sober. Things must be bad….

That was also the episode of Yes PM which had Sir Humphrey’s famous demonstration of why you shouldn’t always trust opinion polls. Some things never change.


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