Visitor vouchers

When I moved to Morton Road in summer 2004, one of my first things to sort out was visitors’ parking vouchers. I went up to the Municipal Offices, filled in my forms, queued for some time and bought my annual allowance of zone L vouchers – a mix of 1-hour, 3-hour and all-day ones.

I was a bit worried about how long they would last. Car club apart, I don’t have a car, so I rely on deliveries for larger purchases. My parents visit by car. Activists come round with carloads of leaflets and friends visit… what about all the tradesmen I’d need for work on the flat?

Well, four years on, I’ve just renewed my parking vouchers. The last one was used when the plumber came last week to fix the leaky washing machine (turned out the machine was OK but there was gunk in the pipes). The combination of ‘pay & display’ bays around the corner, plus free parking for evenings and most of the weekend (match days apart) means the vouchers lasted much longer than expected.

And renewing was much easy too. You can now do it online, so no queuing.


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